About Us

  The company has been founded in honor of my great grandfather Leo Obukhovsky, who lived in Russia and immigrated to Germany in 1930s.  He owned a sewing company and was one of the top skilled craftsmen.  He always delivered the same quality of clothes as he wanted to have for himself and his family.  This Old Golden Rule I keep for all of my products.  Before putting an item for sale, I always test it on myself and never engage anything that I don’t like personally. 

  All my products are made in the USA, and I choose only high quality materials for clothing and accessories.  I personally prefer cotton and high quality breathable polyester which offer good UV protection.  I do not sell products from China so all of my items are handmade and custom.  The price range always depends on the complexity of design projects and suppliers.  I always have an affordable line of kid’s clothing and accessories.

  My special passion is Matching Family Clothing and can be made for any age. To be honest, I make a lot of Matching Family Clothing for my own family as well since kids usually want to get the same style cloth as Mommy or Daddy. 

  I am always open for new ideas, suggestions, and projects.   

  Please contact me if you have any questions.

  Always Yours,

  Mystery NB